Terms of service

Out of Stock or Discontinued Items

If the item you have ordered is Out of Stock we will notify you of this immediately as well as the anticipated time for restock and fulfillment. You may choose to wait for the delivery of this item or cancel your order for a full refund. If the item you have ordered has been discontinued, we will notify you immediately and cancel your order for a full refund.

Fine Art Limited Edition Pricing & Availability Policy

Our website offers many fine works of art, including originals and fine art limited editions. Depending on demand, Fine Art Products can become "Sold Out at Publisher" without notice and in such cases the only way to secure that item is to purchase it on the Secondary Market. On certain fine art works shown on this site, we rely on inventory information supplied by other publishers.

This website shows the recommended retail price given by such publishers and the availability they indicate at the last time this website was updated. We verify each order at the time of purchase. Rarely, an availability or price change may have occurred. We will notify you immediately of such a circumstance. However, we are not bound to deliver such a product or service at what has become an inaccurately advertised price.

If we can attain the Sold Out at Publisher work, you will have the option of continuing your purchase at the new quoted price. If we cannot fulfill your order or if you choose to cancel your order due to a price increase, you will receive a full refund of any payment previously collected on your order.


Original Art and Other Special Orders

We are pleased to work with you on securing original works and limited edition works of art from the Secondary Market. We have a half-century of experience in this marketplace. Often, these items are secured from third parties and private owners. We are experts in vetting the authenticity and quality of such items. We will do our best to allow you to enjoy a window of opportunity to confirm your satisfaction with such an item, but because of the nature of such a transaction, our 30-Day return window will not apply.


All art represented on this website are the express copyrights of Yongsung Kim. No form of reproduction, display or usage of imagery other than on this website is allowed without the express written permission of Havenlight or the artist. 

If you have any questions with any of our shipping or return policies, or desire to license imagery found on this website, please Contact Us